The Rise of Etizolam 1mg in Australia: Exploring its Uses and Controversies

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Australia has been reporting an increasing incidence of insomnia and anxiety since 2020, with 1 in 10 people suffering from sleep issues and 1 in 6 people suffering from anxiety. Additionally, it has been recording increasing use of benzodiazepines, especially by the younger population, to tackle the problem and function normally.

Etizolam has stood out among the benzodiazepines because of its quick-acting nature and effectiveness. Before elaborating on its uses and controversies, we need to have a better idea of its pharmacodynamics and impact on anxiety and sleep.

A brief word on Etizolam 

Etizolam 1mg or Xanax is a benzodiazepine analog that, because of its unique structure, produces effective anxiety relief with long-lasting, undisturbed sleep. 

It is important to understand that GABA (Gamma- Aminobutyric-Acid  ) transmitters distributed throughout the hypothalamus, Hippocampus, Thalamus, Basal Ganglia, and Brainstem play an important role in regulating sleep cycles and reducing anxiety.

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Benzodiazepines are a class of medications that modify the GABA receptors or modulate them to obtain the desired anxiolytic, hypnotic, or anticonvulsant properties. Etizolam, despite having a structure similar to a benzodiazepine, is a thienotriazolodiazepine and thus has a reduced risk of inducing tolerance or dependence.

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Animal studies have shown that it use for five days can reduce the concentration of alpha5 and gamma 2S receptors subunit mRNAs while withdrawing from it can cause a reduction in the gamma 2S mRNA and increased alpha2 and alpha3 mRNAs without impacting the modulatory impacts of the medication on the GABA invoked Cl current. In other medications like Lorazepam, changes in the Cl current were observed on withdrawal of the drug that strengthened the emphasis on its reduced liability to cause tolerance and dependence.

Etizolam use in double-blind studies 

In a double-blind placebo-controlled study carried out on 36 patients suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder with depressive symptoms, the use of Etizolam 0.25mg or 0.50mg for five weeks resulted in significant improvement in anxiety and depressive symptoms with successful impacts on inducing sleep. The medication was well tolerated, and the side effects, especially daytime drowsiness, were mild to moderate in severity.

Another study conducted on a group of 30 people with Agoraphobia and treated with it showed a significant decrease in chronic anxiety, phobic ideas, and depressive symptoms within 2-4 weeks.

In a slightly large-scale study consisting of 77 patients between the ages of 18 and 65 years, It was found to be a well-tolerated drug. 

Other animal studies conducted to evaluate the neuroinflammatory and regenerative properties of Etizolam in spinal cord injuries showed that Etizolam administration reduced neuroinflammation in the spinal cord and improved locomotor function. It had the potential to be an effective therapeutic intervention in Spinal Cord Injury patients dealing with insomnia and anxiety disorders.


While elucidating the therapeutic properties of Etizolam, it is important to understand that the above-mentioned studies have been conducted by Italian researchers and neurological centers based in Europe. Australian reports have been scarce about the therapeutic use of Etizolam.

The medication has been declared a controlled status in Australia, and you will require a prescription to procure it. 

Unfortunately, It use has been further controlled in Australia in recent periods because of the growing use of designer benzodiazepines and the rise of the spurious make of the drug within the Australian continent.

Issue with Etizolam Use in Australia 

Australian healthcare practitioners have voiced their concerns about growing instances of non-prescribed benzodiazepine use along with increasing detections of counterfeit benzos sourced through cryptomarkets or dubious online retailing.

The majority of the investigated personnel using non-prescribed benzodiazepines were unaware of the counterfeits circulating as original medicines. 

In a report presented by EDNAV ( Emerging Drugs Network of Australia ), screening of 1112 patient blood samples in Victoria based population between September 2020 to August 2022 detected benzodiazepine-type new psychoactive substances ( NPS ) in 16.5% of the population. Out of the 186 detected cases, 69.4% ( 127 ) were males between the ages of 16 and 68. Etizolam was detected in the blood samples of 62 subjects ( 33.9% ) after Clonazepam was detected in the samples of 82 (44.8% ) participants.

In an Australian study conducted to determine the characteristics of recorded cases of fatal drug poisoning, including novel benzodiazepines, researchers identified 40 cases from the National Coronial Information System; Etizolam was the most common novel benzodiazepine, followed by medications like Flubromazolam, opioids, and gabapentinoids. 

Even more worrying has been the detection of counterfeit Etizolam that is being passed off as Alprazolam, as warned by NSW. The strength of Etizolam and Alprazolam vary along with their pharmacodynamics, and Etizolam has been recorded to be ten times stronger than Alprazolam in terms of its sedative properties. 

In waste-water surveillance conducted in New South Wales Australia, samples collected from over 6000 people detected Etizolam with other benzos like Oxazepam, Temazepam, Alprazolam and Methionine. Researchers were of the opinion that the Etizolam found was probably the counterfeit medication passed out as Alprazolam through shady dealers and unverified crypto agencies.

While Etizolam, used in a prescribed, supervised manner for short-term periods, can provide therapeutic relief from insomnia and anxiety, its injudicious use can increase the severity of side effects along with the risk of mortality. 

Long-term use of Etizolam or using it in higher than recommended strengths can give rise to Etizolam dependence, manifesting in the form of impaired cognitive functioning, increased anxiety, and sleep problems.


Sleep problems or insomnia episodes are common symptoms of anxiety and represent a bidirectional relationship where anxiety-related disorders give rise to disturbed sleep that, in turn, aggravates the anxiety to a significant extent. While benzodiazepines, specifically Etizolam, are the most common short-term treatment plans for anxiety and insomnia, the rising use of benzodiazepines and their nonjudicious use can accelerate the risk of dementia and cause other complications.

Etizolam has the potential to become a chief treatment option for anxiety and sleep impairment among the Australian population. However, care must be taken to obtain the medication from a verified source and use it for a short period under the guidance of medical personnel.

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