Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters the most to us and therefore to ensure that your data is safe with us, we have crafted this privacy policy to provide insight on how and why we collect your data. We never share your data with third party come what may. We try our best to keep your information secure with us and we do everything in our power to protect it from online scammers. Our privacy protection strategy assures that your data would neither be shared with third party nor be misused.

The following layout summarizes our privacy policy.

  • In advance of or at the time of receiving personal data, we will communicate and establish the assorted purposes for which the data is being asked for. We will maintain transparency to build in trust.
  • Your data will be collected and solely used for purposes defined by us. In any situation, you will not be asked to share your data to the third party. The data collection process is meant for operational purposes with official consent of a customer or as needed by law.
  • We will keep your data with us as long as it is required to complete the said purposes. Once the purpose it serves, your data will be eliminated from our system. However, we can retain the data with us till the transaction is completed.
  • We will collect the data which is required to complete certain processes and it is done in regards to the law and with official consent of a customer.
  • We are committed to protect and safeguard your personal information with highly advanced online safety security software against the theft or loss of data, endeavours unauthorized access, incorrect disclosure, unwarranted use etc.
  • We also ensure that the data is easily available to customers regarding policies, rules and other practices in relation to data management.
  • We are dedicated to protect the personal information shared by our customers under any circumstances.