Is the Use of Modalert in Australia Legal?

Is Modalert Legal In Australia

It is estimated 1 in 5 Australian adults suffer from sleep disorders. This affects their moods, day to day activities, social and professional life, further affecting their physical and mental health. The treatment of sleep disorders through eugeroic medications is effective yet expensive, especially if you opt for the brand-name version. The introduction of their generic counterparts has made them economically feasible and a cheaper alternative available to the general population.


Modalert is the generic version of the eugeroic medication Modafinil developed primarily for sleep disorders. Modafinil was introduced in the 1990s in the medicine market for sleep problem conditions, and in due course, FDA approved for the treatment of narcolepsy, SWSD and OSA problems. Despite its increasing popularity, its high cost and lack of availability make it almost impossible for everyone to access them. With the introduction of Modalert (generic version of Modafinil), now people can finally get quality treatment without losing their savings.

Generic Modafinil such as Modalert contains the same active ingredients, strengths and effectiveness as their brand name counterparts. However, you can buy Modalert online at a fraction of the cost you are paying for the name brand drugs.

Modalert introduced by Sun Pharmaceuticals is an effective generic version of Modafinil and successfully used to treat excessive sleepiness conditions.

The legal aspect of Modalert in Australia

Modalert, like Modafinil, is a controlled medication under the Schedule IV category. Schedule IV medications are prescription only medications that have common therapeutic uses. Owing to the risk of abuse, misuse or immoderate use, there are strict laws regarding their availability and possession without a prescription. Modalert usage in Australia is legal only as a prescription medication.

You can buy Modalert in Australia only if you have a valid prescription by a recognized doctor or a pharmacy ensuring you are diagnosed with narcolepsy, SWSD or OSA. They are not available at over the counter units.

Buying Modalert Online

Sometimes owing to the increasing demand for Modafinil and Modalert, even patients with prescriptions find it difficult to avail the medication and their subsequent refills from pharmacies. Sleep disorders are a huge detriment in day to day functioning; their timely availability and most physicians advocate regular use. At this point, online ordering of the medication becomes a viable option. If you buy Modalert online, you can obtain it quickly and at a discounted price without running from one pharmacy to other. You can order Modalert online and get it delivered to your doorstep just at the click of a few buttons.

Why is Modalert a controlled substance in Australia?

Modalert, Provigil and other versions of Modafinil are categorized as controlled substances in Australia, including other parts of the world like the US, UK and Europe. It is essential to have an idea about the nootropic side of Modalert to understand this better.

Modalert is a Nootropic

Nootropics or cognitive stimulants are a class of substances used to boost brain performance. Modalert exerts its eugeroic effects by binding itself to the Dopamine receptors in the CNS. Dopamine, along with promoting wakefulness, acts as a mood uplifter and offers a sense of relaxation. Along with dopamine, Modalert also works on other neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and neurochemicals like histamine, serotonin and GABA receptors. This stimulates your brain, resulting in improved focus, stamina, and long hours of productivity. These qualities have made Modalert and its active ingredients extremely popular nootropics with an ever-increasing demand.

Modalert is a prescription nootropic that individuals increasingly use to improve concentration, academic performance, and heightened focusing abilities. Unsupervised and injudicious use of the medication has compelled governments of many countries, including Australia, to declare it a controlled substance and strictly monitor its use.

Adulteration of Modafinil

The indiscriminate demand for the active ingredient of Modalert has led to its increased black-marketing. With the rising demand for Modalert, the streets are flooded with fake and spurious drugs. However, instead of accurate composition, these illegal manufacturers cut the drugs with dangerous ingredients such as fentanyl, the no.1 cause of drug overdose related fatalities worldwide. Usage of unknown ingredients can prove life-threatening to the patient, especially those with severe metabolic disorders, allergies, and drug abuse history.

Studies have shown that chronic and indiscriminate use of Modalert can lead to hyperglycemia, obesity and metabolic syndrome. The statistics obtained from population based data regarding Modalert has prompted the government to declare it a Schedule IV medication and pass stringent rules regarding its use. Under any medication Schedule IV status, it is illegal to buy, sell or procure the mediation without a license.

However, Modalert / Modafinil is not classified as a restricted drug by the Office of Drug Control in Australia. The TGA has not imposed any restriction on the drug. This means you can buy Modalert online or offline with a valid prescription.

How to safely buy Modalert online?

The main things to remember while ordering Modalert online are:

– Order it from an authentic site with its registration number. Check online reviews and customer feedback.

– Make sure the site you opt for has a customer care number to answer your queries.

– Opt for a site that asks you for a prescription to obtain Modalert and has an online pharmacist/ medical practitioner to answer your queries.

– Thoroughly check the dose you are ordering with the ingredients in it. If you are allergic reactions to or hypersensitivity reactions with any of them, take the physician’s help.

– After the package has been delivered, check the condition of the package and its contents to make sure you have had the correct strength and medication delivered to you.

Should you buy Modalert?

Modalert is a prescription medication for sleep disorders that is legal in Australia. However, it has not yet been legally approved as a cognitive stimulant or nootropic. You can legally buy Modalert in Australia and any country where it is legal to buy. Most importantly, as a cognitive stimulant, it can boost your work performance for a stipulated period. However, its injudicious use can cause severe damage to your health. Always buy Modalert if your doctor prescribes it. Don’t share the drug with anyone or self-medicate yourself.

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