From Thin to Fabulous: How Careprost 3 ml Can Revolutionize Your Eyelash Game

From Thin to Fabulous How Careprost Can Revolutionize Your Eyelash Game

Since ancient times, eyelashes have been regarded as a mark of aesthetic beauty, and a thinned or reduced lash length has been considered detrimental to females’ aesthetic standards. Studies have found that women with longer, fuller lashes are perceived to be more attractive and feminine, and lashes are not just associated with youthfulness but health and fertility as well. Subsequently, thinned-out lashes because of ageing, genetic or medical reasons can make them feel insecure about their appearance and impact their self-esteem to a significant extent. 

Artificial lashes work to some extent in providing temporary relief for the problem. But in most cases, synthetic lashes do more damage to the remaining lashes while wearing, removing, and from the chemicals used in glueing them to the lids. The need is for a permanent solution that is achieved through Careprost in a highly satisfactory manner. 

A brief word on Careprost 

Careprost is the derivative of Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin analogue that was originally developed for glaucoma patients and, in due course, developed for eyelash growth on observing its impact on the lashes of glaucoma patients. Because of its generic status, it is more widely available and cost-effective than Bimatoprost. The use of Careprost has been observed to improve the lash quality and, along with it, users’ self-esteem. It can be used in people of all ages and ethnicities wanting fuller lashes. 

How does Careprost Revolutionize your Eyelash Game? 

Careprost works on lash growth phases to produce concrete and visible results. 

Other lash serums work on the external part of the lashes and moisturize and cleanse them as a part of their working mechanism. But they don’t work on the internal lash follicles that play a role in eyelash growth and general health. Careprost is one of the very few serums that work on the inner lash follicles and the growth phases to promote the development of new lashes. 

It is important to understand that lashes go through different growth phases, dormancy and shedding as a part of their growth cycle. Hair follicles have a unique cyclical behaviour that varies based on their location in the human body. An average lash grows 0,12-0.14 mm daily and lasts approximately three to five months. During its growth phases, it goes through a growth phase of thirty days, a transition phase of 15 days, and a resting and shedding phase of 100 days. 

According to the reports of another study, approximately 59-85% of eyelash follicles are in the telogen phase irrespective of whether they are on the upper or lower lids and in hypotrichosis conditions, the shedding and decrease in lash quality become visibly evident. In contrast to OTC lash serums that repair the external lash shaft, Careprost works on lash growth by promoting the transition from telogen ( shedding ) to anagen ( growth ) phase and promoting lash length.

Animal Studies have verified the efficiency of Careprost in promoting lash growth. 

Animal studies have shown that the prostaglandins in Careprost promote skin cellular proliferation around the lashes and change the keratinization process to strengthen the lashes and make them resistant towards breakage or shedding. 

Other than proving the positive effect of Careprost on the growth phases, animal studies have shown Careprost to stimulate new hair cycles in the follicles, resulting in more than one eyelash within the same follicle and, subsequently, an increased number of lashes. A fact overlooked by most OTC eyelash remedies is that lashes are hair follicles that depend on blood vessels for nutrition, and inadequate blood supply is one of the major factors for stunted or poor lash growth. 

Careprost is superior to them because of its vasoactive properties and ability to nourish the lash follicles by increasing the oxygen supply to the lower epidermal cells, resulting in improved cellular proliferation coupled with the abundance of outgrowth in less time. The majority of Careprost users have observed lash improvement in a month, with daily use of Careprost at 0.03%

Because of its effectiveness, Careprost and other Bimatoprost lash derivatives are currently the only FDA-approved solutions that have been regarded as a safe, safe solution for eyelashes. 

It darkens the lashes, along with lengthening them. 

Melanogenesis is a vital characteristic of Careprost that results in darker-looking lashes along with their increased length. Researchers have observed that during its action, Careprost helps transfer pigment from melanocytes to the cortical and medullary cells of the follicle during the anagen phase and subsequent increase in the lash melanin content. 

A speciality of eyelashes is that they don’t grey or whiten with ageing, unlike scalp hair. Careprost further increases melanogenesis by stimulating the tyrosinase enzyme, which is the key enzyme responsible for the production of melanin. 

Simply put, regular use of Careprost will result in darker and longer-looking lashes that will improve their aesthetic appeal to a considerable extent. 

It works on width and thickness as well. 

Careprost does not just increase the length and pigmentation of lashes but even works on their width and thickness. The prostanoids present in Careprost work in a symbiotic manner with the Prostaglandin receptors to fatten the follicular bulbs and bring out the changes in thickness. An important feature of prostamide is that they don’t need to be converted into active metabolites to prolong their pharmacological activity. 

This works in its favour of inhibiting the Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolases, the enzymes responsible for diminishing vascular growth and work on the lash follicles to produce thicker and wider lashes. 

A comparison of histological features before and after treatment has shown that using Careprost results in a 0.46mm increase in lash length, 0.50um increase in thickness and 1.82 units improvement in the quality of hair follicles within a month of regular use.

It works on the chemotherapy-induced loss of lashes. 

An important role of Careprost is its role in chemotherapy-induced madarosis or loss of lashes because of cancer treatment. Breast cancer patients have been observed to suffer from eyelash loss induced by chemotherapy effects. 

A study conducted on 40 eyelids of 20 chemotherapy-treated breast cancer patients showed a visible increase in lash length, pigmentation and thickness within 1-3 months of regularly using Careprost. Other than lashes, it even works on eyebrows to improve their growth satisfactorily.

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The sum total of animal studies, clinical trials and observations has proved that Careprost has the potential to revolutionize your eyelash game and help you obtain thicker, longer and darker lashes with regular use. But it would help if you took care to use it as per the advice of the medical practitioner to obtain the best results in a safe manner.



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